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Why We're Marching on January 18th

by TOP The Organic Project |

Happy New Year! One of our 2020 goals is to up our blog game, and TOP of mind (pun very much intended) at the moment is the 4th Annual Women’s March. It’s hard to believe that it’s been three years since the first march following the 2016 election. Whether you were in the sea of pink hats that cold day in January or if this will be your first year participating, we’d love to share our experience with the march, and why we think it’s a powerful teaching moment for our daughters.

The Women’s March organization is committed to the belief that freedom is for everyone, without exception. Depending on the age of your daughters, they may or may not have learned about various historical milestones, such as women’s suffrage, the civil rights movement and the constitutional right to protest. The march gives them the chance to see this in action! We’re striving to teach our girls from a young age that their voices matter, and have the power to make real change. Even if your kids are on the younger end, seeing thousands of people coming together to stand up for what they believe in will stick with them for years to come. 

We suggest starting the conversation with kids while making signs for the march together. You can discuss ideas for what your messages should be, and why they’re important. Basic points could include that some people believe that women and girls shouldn’t be able to do certain things, or shouldn’t have a say over their own bodies (again, tailored to the age of your kids). Explain why you believe girls can do anything they want to, and why it’s important to stand up for ourselves. For tweens/teens, participating in the march can help them feel like a part of the larger adult society, and can get the wheels turning on future involvement in causes they believe in.

Are you going to the Women’s March this year? Are you bringing your kids? We’d love to hear your past experiences and your plans for this year, plus any practical tips. We’ll be loading up on snacks and plotting a bathroom strategy before we head out the door! See you in the streets.

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