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100% organic

eco-friendly tampons &

pads for girls and the

moms who love them.


Period products that are good for girls, mom, and mother earth

Superior performance

Eco-friendly and sustainably sourced

100% certified-organic cotton

Plant-based applicator tampons

No synthetics, toxins, pesticides, dyes, or fragrances

We donate period products to girls in need


Wow, what can I say about these tampons. First, I love that they are 100% organic cotton. No funny ingredients I can't pronounce is always reassuring. These are comfortable, easy to use, and better for your body and the environment. And the fact that they donate to women in need is icing on the cake for my opinion on this product.

Holly S

Would definitely recommend these to anyone looking for a healthier alternative to regular tampons. They are more comfortable in my opinion. The absorbency is great and they are biodegradable, better for you and better for the planet.


I absolutely love these tampons!!! I am a 100% cotton fanatic. Any other fabrics give me itchy skin and usually a rash. So what would be different with weird tampons made out of who knows what?!? This company was made for me. The pads are awesome to, so breathable and comfy!


Thank you TOP for caring, creating, and helping me find products that care. Your message is amazing, and I’m actually excited for my 3 young ladies to grow up so I can introduce them to their first period box. Who knew periods could be so exciting! Xx.


I love trying new products, and I have to say that I am pleased with the TOP organic cotton tampons. They are super-absorbent, and are not only better for the environment, but for myself as well. It's good to know what is in the product you are considering before buying.

April K

Protecting your womanhood with safe and healthier products is very important. Thanks to Top my daughters have safer and healthier feminine need products to use. The panty liners are comfortable and effective.



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Because of you, we have donated over 275,000 period products to women and girls in the US.



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