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HUGE NEWS! Plant-Based Applicator Tampons are HERE

by TOP The Organic Project |

We’ve been dropping hints and sneak peeks, but we are thrilled to share that our new plant-based applicator tampons are officially here, and available to order now! They’re everything you know, love and expect from your tampons, with the major added benefits of being better for you and the environment.

Here’s the rundown on the newest member of the TOP product fam:

  • Plant-based applicators (not plastic, not cardboard), actually made out of sugarcane!
  • Compact size -- they fit in the palm of your hand, your smallest wristlet or your skinny jean pocket.
  • They’re comfortable. They offer smooth, easy insertion… I think we can all agree that’s a good thing!
  • High performing. Our products are always sustainable and safe, but we guarantee that they WORK, too. Green does not have to mean less comfortable or effective.
  • Available in regular and super.

If you’re a current TOP subscriber, you can log in to your account to switch your subscription from cardboard tampons to the plant-based applicator tampons. Or, shoot us an email, and we’ll get you set up.

New subscriber or just want to give them a try first? No problem -- order individual boxes, shipped via our sustainable supply chain here.

We’re excited to continue to bring you the highest quality, environmentally period products on the market, and can’t wait to hear your feedback.

p.s. As always, for every product purchased, we donate to girls and women in need. You can learn more about these efforts here.


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