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be kind

Empowerment should never be a luxury

With every purchase, we will donate to women in need. Because when women lift each other up, all good things are possible.


1 in 5 women in the United States suffer from period poverty without consistent access to hygiene products, including girls in schools across the country.

Basic health necessities should never be considered a luxury. We want to put our money where our mouth is and use the power of our business to fight for the rights of women everywhere, regardless of their age, ethnicity, religion, or income. 

Your purchase of TOP products has a direct impact on the communities we live in. For every purchase you make, we donate product to schools, shelters, nonprofits and organizations dedicated to helping women in need. 

Over the last year, we have donated over 300,000 period products to our local communities to support women and girls who don't have access to safe period products.  


We believe that tampons and pads are not luxury items, they are a necessity. 

In 2020, the world came to a halt and each and every one of us suddenly learned what it meant to shelter in place, stay socially distant and knew what PPE stood for. As we have watched the news alongside all of you, we became saddened by all those impacted — aside from getting sick, but by unemployment. The ripple effect is devastating, especially among women. So many women and girls have been impacted and need help now. They can't afford the basic necessity of their period products.

Throughout this year, we have partnered with various organizations (Period Inc, Family Aid Boston, Girls Inc, Dignity Matters and other local organizations), to provide 200,000 period products to these amazing organizations for them to distribute to those women that need it most.  
All women should have access to period products to manage what our bodies do naturally.  

You can help others by sponsoring an additional donation of bulk TOP product with shipping on us to a location of your choice. Your local food bank, shelter, hospital and other organizations are in desperate need of period products.  Here are a few of our favorites: 
Period Inc, Dignity Matters, FamilyAid Boston, Renewing Dignity, Feeding America.

One case tampons = 120 women with a monthly supply
One case pads = 70 women with a monthly supply

In uncertain times, there is one thing you need to be certain about and it's not just toilet paper.   
If you have questions or wondering who to donate to, please e-mail us at and we can help get the product to those in need in your community. 

Also, please join us to sign the petition to support Congresswoman Grace Meng’s proposal to make menstrual hygiene products an allowable expense for FEMA grants.

Period supply programs are in dire need of period products in order to continue providing for their communities in the weeks and months ahead. Making period supplies an allowable expense under the FEMA grants would reduce some of the pressure period supply programs are facing as they work to address the rapidly growing need.
Use your voice and your power and sign the petition.


Better for You

Our 100% organic cotton tampons and pads are highly absorbent, naturally hypoallergenic, and seriously strong. (just like you!)

Learn Why

Better for the Planet

All TOP period products are eco-friendly. Free of chemicals and dyes -  because our bodies and planet deserve better. 

Discover How
  •   ethically sourced ingredients
  •   USDA certified organic cotton
  •   free from chlorine beach
  •   safe farming practices
  •   100% hypoallergenic
  •   biodegradable applicators


Our subscriptions deliver every 2 months to reduce our environmental impact and decrease our carbon emissions.


We have donated over 300,000 period products to those in need because of your incredible support.  


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