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be confident

Safer, superior protection delivered to your door

We don't believe in hiding the ingredients in your products. We don't believe in sacrificing quality for quantity. And we don't believe in the bottom dollar. We believe in you.


Our resident guru, Dr. Pamela Murphy, shares the importance of organic cotton period products 

As a physician caring for emergency patients for the last 26 years, I have seen the devastation of toxic shock, the local inflammatory reaction from commercial tampons; and we are long over due for a product like TOP. Cancer afflicts one in seven of us now; certainly effected by what we put in our bodies. From the food we eat to the exposures around us. We need to care for our reproductive sisters like they are our family.

 Be safe, comfortable and secure knowing what you are using inside of you. Protect your health, it is your greatest asset. 

protection that works, period. 

TOP Tampons

All our products are designed with OCS certified organic cotton and USDA certified organic cotton and that's it. No sneaky fragrances or dyes. No chemicals with hard-to-pronounce names.

Just you, cotton, and confidence.

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Pads & Liners

Specially designed with your body in mind, the 100% organic cotton top sheet protects from wetness. There's enough in the world to worry about, don't let leaks be one of them.

We've got you covered (literally!).

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  •   ethically sourced ingredients
  •   USDA certified organic cotton
  •   free from chlorine beach
  •   safe farming practices
  •   100% hypoallergenic
  •   biodegradable applicators

Better for the Planet

All TOP period products are 100% biodegradable. Free of chemicals and dyes -  because our bodies and planet deserve better. 

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Better for Others

For every purchase, we donate product to schools, shelters, nonprofits and organizations dedicated to helping women & girls in need.

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Your dollars go back into the community. For every purchase made, we donate products to women in need.


Share the love! When you refer a friend to TOP products, you both receive 10% off your next order with our special promo code!