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Girls Run the World

be empowered

You have superpowers to do amazing things.

We created this space just for you! We understand that you are going through many changes and may have lots of questions. We hope to give you knowledge and resources that will help you feel confident and empowered as you embark on your period.  

All Things First Period

First Period

We designed this gift just for you - You have superpower to do amazing things!

Her First Period Party

Break out the red velvet cake and blow up some balloons because it's time for a period party!

Most Asked Questions

Knowledge is power! Let's get you feeling confident and prepared for what's to come.  

First Period Box

TOP's First Period Box was designed with our daughters in mind, with the hope to inspire conversations around your period so that you will feel knowledgable and empowered for what's to come. Knowledge is power and by educating yourself about your period and what to expect, this will give you more confidence in being prepared.

Our first period box is filled with 100% organic cotton, plant-based and sustainably sourced period products so you start your first period with healthier and safer tampons and pads, along with resources to help guide questions and answers for you. We hope to change the narrative around our periods and make this a positive experience you. From our daughters, Josie & Reese, to you!

What’s Included

Give the gift of confidence! Our First Period Box is unlike any other; filled with 100% certified organic period products and Girlologys, “There’s Something New About You” expert guide to all things girl-related, we will have you feeling confident and prepared for what’s to come The highly acclaimed coming-of-age book was written by the team at Girlology, Melisa Holmes, M.D. & Trish Hutchinson, M.D. to help girls tackle the challenges of puberty with confidence & knowledge.

In the box:


There are a lot of practical ways to prepare your daughter for her first period, but there’s only one FIRST period, and we’re all about infusing some fun into that milestone. We present: the first period party. 

Now for the fun. We think the best period parties are a mix of practicality and silliness. You can definitely give her a supply of tampons and pads (of course, we recommend our organic varieties!), ibuprofen and a heating pad. But remember, this is a CELEBRATION, and we are lightening things up! We live for a snarky cake -- red velvet, anyone? -- and have also seen hilariously adorable cookies shaped like tampons, pads and ovaries. Lean into the period stereotypes for a minute and treat yourselves to fun chocolates or ice cream. Get red balloons or red flowers. Even the sassiest neonate can’t turn down sugar and gifts*. (*results not guaranteed 😂)

PLEASE send us the pics or tag us on social using the hashtag #TOPFirstPeriod! 

First Period Q+A

No more hush hush conversations, let’s talk periods:

Curious about what to expect before your first period? Be in the know about all that your period entails:

Learn to navigate the right period products for you:


Emily and Amanda are here for you! Please ask them any questions related to feminine health. They will get back to you with their best advice and tips!

Ask an Expert is only intended to provide information and should never be substituted for professional medical advice.



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