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It is time to clean swap your bathroom cabinet!

by TOP The Organic Project |

Growing up with hippie parents, organic and natural were a large part of my upbringing. When both of my kids were born, I became hyper-focused on the products and foods my family consumed. I was the mom who made all of their baby food from organic fruits, vegetables and meats, bought Seventh Generation diapers  (when they were still light brown), used all organic baby lotions and shampoos, and the kids only slept on organic mattresses and sheets (still to this day).  

As so many moms do, I overlooked my own product lineup as I was focused on the rest of my family.  This all changed the day I started TOP the organic project, with my co-founder, Thyme Sullivan. As we began to research the world of period products and what they were made of, I became alarmed by the chemicals and toxins I had been putting in my body for years. This led me to dig deep into my own makeup and beauty regimen and within 3 months, I had transformed my entire medicine cabinet into all clean products.  Even my husband swapped his deodorant! Through my discovery, I became aware of the lack of transparency and government regulation of what is in traditional makeup, skincare and hair care.  

What we put in and on our bodies matters more than ever! As a mom & a female founder of an organic, eco-friendly and transparent period product company, this has become my purpose for all women and girls.  

There are more and more clean & organic brands making great strides in the industry and helping to create a safer future for all. I have always been pretty low maintenance in my skin care, and am thrilled to have found some incredible replacements that I have incorporated into my daily routine. The best part, I find them all to perform better than what I was using before.  

#1 - Beautycounter: from makeup, to skin care, to haircare and sunscreen, our family uses it all. I love supporting a female founded brand that aligns so perfectly with TOP and what we have set out to accomplish. Gregg Renfrew and her team are the example of how to build brands for the future.  My 2 absolute favorite products that I now can’t live without: Charcoal Face Mask and Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer.  

#2 - True Botanicals: another great clean beauty brand. I LOVE their Pure Radiance Oil!  I use it in my morning and night routine. It hydrates and calms my skin all at once! This is one of my travel items to use when flying because it keeps my skin hydrated.  

#3 - hello products: this has become our toothpaste and mouthwash of choice for our whole family. We are all lovers of the Naturally Whitening Mint. Another brand with a great mission,  transparency of ingredients and the friendliest founder ever, Craig Dubitsky.

#4 - Meant: LOVE their Wonder Polish for my super dry skin! In the winter months, this leaves my skin refreshed and smelling so good throughout the day.

#5 - TOP the organic project: Call me biased, but I’m extremely proud of the 100% organic, plant-based applicator tampon products we’ve innovated in the last year and I use them monthly. When it’s my time of the month, comfort is key all around (cue comfort foods, comfy leggings, and high-performing, superior comfort tampons!). Not to mention my commitment as a global citizen to help save the planet...12 billion tampons made of single-use plastics end up in landfills every year. 

Full disclosure: I understand that it is hard to change! In some cases, there may be products you have used for decades, and brand loyalty is very real. I recommend starting with one product at a time for your clean beauty swap, so it doesn’t overwhelm or break the bank. With every new intentional purchase, you are choosing safer and healthier options for yourself and your family, while removing ingredients that should not be in or on our bodies. 

~Denielle, Co-founder & President



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