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by TOP The Organic Project |

When is this day? May 12, every year!

What is this day?

At TOP, we dream of a world in which every girl and woman has access to healthy, organic tampons that are good for them—and the planet. We want to shed the stigma and talk about our monthly business loud and proud. There is no shame in the period game. 

National Tampon Day is to celebrate being a woman and using our superpowers to change the narrative around periods. To let ladies know they have healthy feminine care options that are accessible and free from harsh chemicals. What goes in and on our bodies matters now more than ever.

Who created this day?

This day was founded by us at TOP.  

We believe that every girl and woman deserve healthy, organic, tampons that are good for their bodies —and their planet. We deserve to know what our feminine products are made of and a period should never interfere with being the very best version of ourselves. 

Women should feel empowered to do and be anything they believe. We can swim, sing, jump on a trampoline, wear white jeans after Labor Day, dance in a flash mob or fearlessly run a race in a tampon costume. We all have superpowers to do amazing things, together.

How should this day be celebrated?

Free the tampon! Take it out of your sleeve, be loud and proud, go with the flow because we have nothing to hide. Share with your friends, your daughters, your mom. Take one and pass it along.

Post #freethetampon and stop by toporganicproject.com to show us your tampon pride!