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We all deserve Safer & Better Products!

by TOP The Organic Project |

This past weekend, we had the incredible opportunity to provide TOP period products for all the attendees at Beautycounter’s L.E.A.D event. They have a sales force of over 40,000 women with a mission to educate and advocate for safer, cleaner beauty products for everyone. This event included their top 1,700 leaders who came together to discuss what it takes to be a fearless leader.

A favorite quote from their Founder, Greg Renfrew, “So many women doubt themselves. You just have to work through your fear.”

The giant banner as we walked in, “Welcome Fearless Leaders” set the stage for the entire summit. The energy and the passion of this group was contagious, you couldn’t help but stand a little taller and smile. Every single person you met was there to make a difference and there because they know we all deserve better.

These women were here for Beautycounter but their love and advocacy does not stop with beauty products. The overflow of support and enthusiasm for TOP and safe period products left us speechless, not easy for the 2 of us!

We love the synergies between our brands and our shared focus on advocacy for better health and beauty. We want to provide everyone with clean, safe, non-toxic and better products for our family and friends.

We want a world where we don’t have to read labels. We work for a day when our children don’t suffer from so many allergies, friends don’t struggle with infertility and fewer people we know suffer from cancer.

What we put in and on our body matters more than ever!

The last evening of the event, Beautycounter hosted a celebration for their leaders. They set up this statement on the wall and gave each woman a piece of paper to write their “why”.

Cleaner. Safer. #BETTERBEAUTY
Why we fight for a future where all beauty is clean beauty.

The statements were personal, powerful, inspiring and brought us to tears. We founded TOP for the same reasons that all of these strong and amazing women came to Beautycounter. We started this for our daughters but it goes far beyond that now. We are doing it for our sisters, nieces, aunts, friends and all the women we haven’t even met.
We are doing this for you!


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