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TOP is named a Spanx Red Backpack recipient!

by Thyme Sullivan |

"When a woman is given the chance to fulfill her full potential...magic happens." -Sara Blakely

Denielle Finkelstein and I are so honored and grateful for TOP the organic project to be a recipient of the Red Backpack Fund grant established by Sara Blakely, Spanx and GlobalGiving to support female entrepreneurs during the pandemic.

We were one of 1,000 female-founded companies across the country to receive a $5,000 grant and a lucky red backpack for luck and to remind us that everything you need is right on your back. 

The red backpack is so much more than a good luck charm, it is a symbol of possibility, it is a reminder that everything is figureoutable (mad love for you Marie Forleo).  It is a beacon of strength and grit and my favorite new accessory.

I carry it everywhere like a toddler with her favorite blanket.  My teenage daughter thinks it is a weird pocketbook but I think it is amazing.  It is a conversation starter, it is practical and roomy with several pockets (holds tons of tampons) and it just makes me happy.

Like Sara, Denielle and I started small in my living room but we dream big.  To the outside world we are quickly scaling our business, to us it is such a long journey.  We haven’t done everything right, we have done many things wrong, but we are resilient and we learn and we always move forward.  We take risks and we are super curious.  We do things our way and curate our circle with people that know when you lift others up amazing things can happen.

What is the most important lesson we have learned from Sara Blakely?  We don't take ourselves too seriously but we do serious things.  We can raise the standard of feminine care for all women and wear a Tampon costume (Thyme) and Unicorn headband with too much glitter (Denielle).  We choose to do things differently, we are grounded in our core values and we can have fun every single day.  

What do we believe?  We believe that kindness is contagious and we all have superpowers to do amazing things💫🎒

Stay well & dream BIG,


Red Backpack


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