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"Periods end a sentence, not a girls education."

by TOP The Organic Project |

This week, TOP donated 1,400+ period products to the Nowell Leadership Academy in Providence, Rhode Island.  This charter school supports and ensures that RI's underserved youth graduate from high school with the knowledge and skills they need to be prepared for success in college, career and family life.  

Your support for the brand is helping to make a difference in the lives of these young women who don’t have access or can't afford period products.1 in 5 girls in the United States will miss school because their families have to make the difficult choice between buying food or feminine hygiene products.  Every girl should have the opportunity to be focused on their education, not where and how they will get their next period products.  

Coming off this weeks short documentary Oscar win was perfect timing for this donation day.  "Periods end a sentence, not a girls education."

A key part of our purpose at TOP The Organic Project is to give back to our local communities. For every purchase, we will donate product to women and girls in need. #givingback

Please spread the word to your family and friends and together we can empower the next generation of women! ❤️💪