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RSVP for the First Period Party

by TOP The Organic Project |

There are a lot of practical ways to prepare your daughter for her first period, but there’s only one FIRST period, and we’re all about infusing some fun into that milestone. We present: the first period party. The menarche party. A fête de flow. A menstruation celebration. We’ll spare you additional puns, but we do love this idea. Let’s get into the why and the how.

Period parties have gone viral in the news over the past few years. They bring levity to what can be a confusing and scary time for many young women, and open up room for dialogue. As a mom, you know that periods are a part of life, and are nothing to be ashamed of. But society still stigmatizes them, so we all have to put in the work to break that down. It’s a rite of passage! Our first period kit from the Penny Pack is a great ice breaker to kick off the conversation. Start your conversation early with your daughter about what getting her period means, what she can expect throughout the month and how she can manage any symptoms. You’ll be setting the example that it’s completely fine to talk about menstruation and empowering her to come to you with questions about her period, and hopefully other body/life issues.

Now for the fun. We think the best period parties are a mix of practicality and silliness. You can definitely give her a supply of tampons and pads (of course, we recommend our organic varieties!), ibuprofen and a heating pad. But remember, this is a CELEBRATION, and we are lightening things up! We live for a snarky cake -- red velvet, anyone? -- and have also seen hilariously adorable cookies shaped like tampons, pads and ovaries. Lean into the period stereotypes for a minute and treat yourselves to fun chocolates or ice cream. Get red balloons or red flowers. Even the sassiest tween can’t turn down sugar and gifts*. (*results not guaranteed 😂) 

We know you’re busy, and time flies. But taking a bit of time to acknowledge this milestone for your daughter, and to show her that periods are a natural, normal part of life, can go a long way in how she views menstruation in the long run. If you have, or have had, a period celebration for someone in your life, PLEASE send us the pics or tag us on social! Happy period partying!


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