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International Women’s Day 2020: #EachforEqual

by TOP The Organic Project |

International Women’s Day is on Sunday, March 8, and you won’t be surprised to learn that we love this day and it’s mission. The theme for this year is #EachforEqual, which focuses on creating a gender equal world. We can’t state enough how important this is, and how it plays into our mission here at TOP.

We care about making products that are better for others, which means making sure that women have access to period products when they need them. 1 in 5 women experience period poverty, meaning they cannot afford basic necessities to manage their periods. This translates to girls missing school and women missing work every month because of a basic biological function. Not cool! We donate products to schools and organizations in need, and you can also help by hosting a giving party, where party attendees create period “care packages”. Stay tuned for another blog post on that topic soon!

Gender inequality is also perpetuated by the pink tax. You may have read about this in the news -- it is the tax that the majority of US states place on tampons, pads and other feminine products. Tampons and pads are NOT a luxury item, they are a necessity, despite being taxed as one. According to, the tax has cost a 30-year-old woman more than $40,000 in her lifetime. For a woman in her 60’s, that number is an astonishing $82,000 in fees that men don’t pay. As long as the pink tax exists, we will not have gender equality, so it’s time to cut that sh*t out! 

We know it can be overwhelming to figure out what to do about widespread problems like this, so we’ve included a few simple, actionable steps you can take to join the fight for gender equality:

  • Use your buying power: shop with women-owned brands, and seek out brands that take a stand against gender inequality
  • Spread awareness: use the Ax the Pink Tax calculator to find out how much you’ve paid in your lifetime and share it on social media.
  • Contact your elected officials and let them know you are not ok with the pink tax. If you’re not sure where to start, plug in your address here and it will tell you who your reps are and their contact info. 
  • Sign this petition by The Period Movement.

We hope you have a wonderful International Women’s Day and can celebrate all of the amazing women in your life! We certainly appreciate all of you <3 

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