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Inspiration from Female Artists: Plant the Change

by TOP The Organic Project |

Throughout the month of September, we have partnered with some incredibly talented female artists to creatively interpret and bring the PLANT THE CHANGE initiative to life.

Each piece of artwork has left us inspired and we believe that together, we can make 2020 the year that changed us all for the better. 

In honor of each artist, TOP donated period products to a non-profit, school or foodbank of the artist's choice. 

Please take a little time out of your day to learn more about these incredible female artists and support their businesses.  

Katy Garry 

Katy is best known for her colorful and energetic depictions of mood through both abstract interpretation and iconic figures. Through acrylic, encaustic and mixed media she engages with her audience through motion, color and dynamic balance.  Katy’s pop art expressionist approach is heavily influenced by pop culture and the environment that she desires to create. “Paintings in your home should make you feel your best version of yourself.”   

We love the optimism and happiness of Katy's work.   

Wendy McWilliams

We are inspired by Wendy's pieces of art because they are full of life and love.  

My Inspiration

My pieces are influenced by so many experiences and my joy of living. It is my wish that this translates to the viewer. 

My Art

I am an abstract painter that works from intuition and emotion. I strive to create one of a kind paintings, every one containing a piece of my world and life experiences. 

Clara Lamai (our very own talented in-house photographer)

Clara is Danish & part Thai. She grew up in Denmark and has spent the last 6 years in the United States.  She currently works in event production as a freelancer and photographer in New York City.  We have worked with Clara since we started TOP and continue to be blown away by her talent and her incredible skill to capture the moment. 

"I am very content and happy with my life right now, and I think it is because I worked so hard to get there,” Clara said. “I’m not done dreaming yet—but I am still in the dream right now.”

Nadia Salim

Nadia is a super talented artist with a focus on art representing who you are astrologically.  She also creates beautiful portraits as well as customized pendants.  We love how she finds the beauty in the world around us and in each person.

“When I think about Plant The Change, it reminds me of personal growth, struggles we are working on to be better, and to know that nothing is perfect but beautiful.” 💕🌱

Angelina Rokakis

Gina is a New York Based artist working in mediums of both photography and film.  We absolutely love her work and how she captures the real essence of people for who they are.  

"As a fine art portrait photographer, my goal is to always capture the essence or a feeling of who I am photographing. With minimal editing and no retouching, it is about preserving who the model is and not who I want them to be. My hope is that society moves towards those values rather than an idealized version of who we should be.” 



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