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How Safe are Tampon Vending Machines?

by TOP The Organic Project |

We've all seen them - the gray metal boxes in airport, movie theatre, and office buildings around the US, ready to dispense an emergency tampon when we need it most. But have you ever thought about where those tampons came from? Who supplies the product? Who maintains the machines? Surely they must undergo some form of federal health codes and standards to be in a public place, right? 

Unfortunately not. As this article from Medium states, 

"Not only are these machines neglected and ignored by the general public they are also blatantly ignored by the government. Without regulation, these machines can be filled, placed and used however the property sees fit." 

We believe everyone has the right to know what they are putting in their body. It's reasons like this that we do what we do - working to bring you safer, superior protection that is 100% organic. 



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