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Creating our new normal

by TOP The Organic Project |

To our TOP family:

First, and most importantly, we hope you and your circle are well.  

We tried several times to write this letter but had struggled with finding the “right” words.  As we have navigated both personally and professionally, we know there are no “right” words. It is just about being there for each other. We can be social distancing but we don’t have to be emotional distancing.

We are all adapting to a new normal and we are all in this together. We have accepted that it is ok to have emotions about what is going on. Many of us are home with families, many are home alone, some of us are healthy, some are not and many are on the front line keeping us safe and fed. This is hard for everyone and what we do for each other during this time will be how this time in history is remembered.

What are we doing? We are home with our families and feeling both overwhelmed and grateful. We are working from home and home schooling; there are no colored charts here, it’s not pretty but we are committed to making this work, together.

Each day, we all do something for our Mind, our Body and our Community (our families).

Some days it’s a puzzle, a long walk, endless dishes, Netflix marathons (Tiger King, anyone?), piles of laundry, a long game of Monopoly (does that game ever end?), a virtual gym class, cooking, baking, painting stones with hopeful messages to leave along the beach. It doesn’t matter what you choose, it gives us all a sense of fulfillment in the blurring passing days. Some moments can be hard but we are creating memories together.  

When James Beard Award winning Chef Jody Adams reached out to us to support Family Aid Boston there was no hesitation from us. The #1 requested item for the 350+ families they support was feminine care, not toilet paper.

We are planning a large-scale, multi-city donation with in the coming weeks. They are in dire need of tampons for girls that count on schools not just for meals but also their period products.

This is something we can all do together. It is how we can all make a difference. Reach out and check in on your friends, family and neighbors by phone, text or video. Continue to support local and small businesses and most importantly, extend gratitude to the medical, transportation and retail professionals that have made this time at home with our families possible.

Stay well, be kind and take care of each other,




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